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You are the supplier to a major assembly plant.

You may free yourself and position your stock at your client s doorstep

  • You reduce your financial risk as the stock still belongs to you until it is actually called by your customer.
  • NRJT will deliver your client in smaller quantities following its exact requirements. Costs remain low as NRJT delivers your products grouped with other suppliers as well.
  • Your products are available round the clock to your clients. No need pay for rush transport upon last minute changes.
  • Free space in your warehouse. racks. labor and stock administration.
  • All urgent matters can be buffered with the help of NRJT. who can represent you locally.
  • NRJT takes charge of all the special EDI. container label formats used by your clients. and all its other local customs.

NRJT will take care for you of the extra services :

  • Voluminous products can be transported flat and mounted by NRJT locally.
  • Several components (even from different suppliers) can be assembled at the last minute.
  • You specify your quality standards to the NRJT team.
  • NRJT will dispose of transport packaging material for you (UE regulations).
  • NRJT can use factory recommended reusable packaging in a local loop. therefore saving in costly rental fees. and billing of lost containers.
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Date : Thursday 22 October 2020, Time : 04:45 AM