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As an Original Equipment Manufacturer. NRJT will assist you in the following aspects

  • All of your component stock can belong to your suppliers. freeing yourself from this heavy financial load.
  • NRJT may hire your existing personnel. take charge of your building. assets. storage equipment and machinery. maintenance for all the warehouse. whether for components or finished products.
  • You may instruct us to build simple sub-assemblies.
  • The material requirement planning of these sub-assemblies can be delegated. (MRP) as well as their procurement.
  • All your component costs become variable.


Through its special information system accessible with any internet connection. NRJT will keep you informed about how many pieces still belonging to your suppliers are available for you. This feature is available. of course. only with the approval of your supplier.
You may call entire families of components directly at the workshop level. again using a simple internet connection.

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Date : Thursday 22 October 2020, Time : 06:00 AM